RUH Foundation Inc.—Royal Vital Care 2010

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Almost every medical professional, including those at the Royal University Hospital (RUH), relies on electronic vital sign monitors to provide them with essential information on patient care.

But what if those monitors were over twenty years old (ancient in terms of today’s technology), often broke down or malfunctioned and even the makers refused to service them any longer? That was the situation and it’s why the Royal Vital Care Campaign (RVCC) set out to raise $2.5M towards the purchase of state-of-the-art monitors, a computerized monitoring system and defibrillators.

With support from the DDCDC, the RVCC completed the funding required to purchase state-of-the-art monitors for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the RUH. For those who work on the front lines of healthcare these new monitors, which track blood pressure, oxygen levels, respiratory and heart rates and more, are as essential to patient care as hospital beds. This new technology is a lifeline for critically ill patients, their worried family members and their medical caregivers.

“We cannot do our jobs without vital sign monitors,” says Brenda Ferguson, acting nurse manager for the NICU at RUH. “They provide us with baseline and current data which assists us in ongoing patient treatment and management decisions.” The new monitors directly support the RUH’s health professionals in their pursuit of excellence in patient care for all children.

Cherished Donors: Dakota Dunes CDC

Fishing Lake First Nation – Ice Fishing For Youth

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As part of Fishing Lake First Nation’s community recreation and their school’s physical education program, ice fishing has become a way for youth to learn a traditional activity and increase their physical activity outdoors. Experienced community volunteers, Elders and teachers take every opportunity to pass on their knowledge onto the youth about ice fishing, which has been an important part of their cultural history. The sport also takes advantage of their community’s natural asset; the First Nation is situated alongside a beautiful lake aptly named Fishing Lake.