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Pleasant Hill Community Association Pow Wow

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The 9th Annual Pleasant Hill Community Pow Wow was held in the Grace Adams Metawewinihk Park on June 17, 2011.  This Aboriginal cultural event was greatly needed and appreciated in the Pleasant Hill Community.  The pow-wow is a collective community event with many community volunteers participating in the celebration.  Attendance was superb.  There were numerous dancers, drummers, dignitaries, Veterans and most importantly Elders, who participated with pride.  Also, there were many school groups and visitors from the Saskatoon area.

The Pow-wow Committee advertised well in advance in the Community Association newsletters, the schools newsletter, word of mouth, and posters in and around the community and City of Saskatoon.  Invitation was made to many First Nations and and their drum groups and Dancers.  Attendance was estimated at 1500 people, including 1000 school age children who registered for the hotdog lunch.

There was no cost to participate in the pow wow and it was open to all.  There were many cultural advisors available to educate the people about First Nations song and dance.  The Pow wow was centrally located in the Pleasant Hill Community for people to walk to and it there was easy access from the bus route.  The Committee also arranged to have volunteers transport Elders and people with disabilities or health problems to the event at no cost.

The Pleasant Hill Pow wow brings families together and creates unity with all cultures.  It gives the First Nation people pride of their culture and a sense of belonging to their community and the City of Saskatoon.  The Pleasant Hill community has a large number of Aboriginal Families and the pow wow brings pride to their community.  The Elders, Veterans and Dancers are all role models and they teach the youth how to live healthy lifestyles through their Aboriginal Culture and Traditions.

The Pleasant Hill Pow wow was a great success.  Even though there was rain in the afternoon, people still came to watch and to dance.  Overall it was one of the best pow wows the Pleasant Hill Community has hosted.  During the event, many Pleasant Hill residents and visitors commented about the success and looked forward to future pow wows.  The Pleasant Hill Community Association is proud to host and share this Aboriginal cultural event with everyone.

It was truly a day to celebrate!