“Making the Most of Our Community Investment”

St. Paul’s Hospital’s Healing Arts Program

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St. Paul’s Hospital’s Healing Arts Program brings the arts to patients and families as a form of expression when words fail.  Works of art are displayed on the walls as well as the ceilings of the hospital.  The painted ceiling tiles have become a colorful form of expression and a popular site in the hospital.

Within the hospital, Healing Arts Program Artist-in-Residence Marlessa Wesolowski works from a mobile studio and at patients bedsides.  Through partnerships with core neighborhood organizations, local schools and through mentorships, the program’s benefits reach into the surrounding community.

In recognition of contributions to the Healing Arts program, St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation Board of Directors Chair Colleen Cameron-Bergan presented a logo ceiling tile to the DDCDCs Board of Directors.  The tile will be on display at the hospital.


May 2013 SPHF Group Photo-3