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Obtaining a Registration Number

Eligibility and Ineligibility

The Corporation shall NOT issue a Registration Number to:

  • Individuals;
  • An organization, First Nation or tribal council that is situated outside the Catchment Area
  • The administrative or political arm of the FSIN;
  • SIGA, Dakota Dunes Casino or and of its ancillary operations;
  • The city of Saskatoon, including any hamlet, or municipality as defined in The Municipalities Act that fall within the Catchment area;
  • Any federal and provincial government departments and ministries;
  • A for-profit organization;
  • A not-for-profit business or ancillary group sustaining a for-profit business;
  • A political party, political action group or lobby group;
  • A penal institution or correction center; and
  • An organization that has programs promoting racial or ethnic superiority, religious intolerance, persecution or social change through unlawful action.

Upon the applicant qualifying for registration, the Corporation shall issue a Registration Number to the applicant which shall be valid for a period of three (3) years from the qualification date. Applicants who have been denied registration or whose registration has been revoked may reapply in six months.